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GCCMI Vision and Mission

There are over 110,000 call centers worldwide and over 5 million call center professionals. Status and recognition are sought by both. GCCMI perceives that there at least another 100,000 call centers in the realm of small and medium size (5- 200 seats)


Global Call Center Management Institute GCCMI aims to fill that void. GCCMI will and act as an assessor for small and medium call centers across the world.


The crisis of Covid-19 has accentuated the role of call centers worldwide and across industries. It started with a flood of calls to the Airline and Hospitality industries. Then call centers from other industries followed pattern (Banks, Household, Medical, etc.). GCCMI provides status and recognition to call centers worldwide by certifying call center sites against a set of practical and culture-fit call center management practices in times of crisis management [GCCMI Call Center Best Practices Standard Set (GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800)]. 


Leading call Centers will reap most of the benefits as they won’t have to go through a steep call center learning curve, long sales cycle, trial and error or even pile-up loads of documents. No benchmark data, not even a consultant visit. Gone are the days where you spend $100,000 to award and certify your site! You can do it for a fraction of that amount during time of crisis!


  • The vision of GCCMI is to become the thought leader when it comes to cutting edge call center performance standards fitting multicultural management practices.

  • The mission of GCCMI is to provide status and recognition to call centers around the digital globe and help call center talent to advance and innovate.



Raison D'être:

As global call center virtuoso, GCCMI has conceived and designed a standard set of call center best practices. GCCMI is focused on assessment SME call centers in developed and emerging markets and any other service center that is looking to adopt and implement GCCMI Call Center Best Practices Standard Set (GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800).


Most of the available International Call Center Certification Services in the markets today use the quantitative approach by tabulating statistical data such as service level, average handle time, cost per call, FCR rate, abandoned rate, etc. In other terms, benchmarking your call center Indicator-Set against similar or peer centers. GCCMI is not disregarding or downplaying the importance of such effort, market offering or data, but rather building on it. Data in itself has become a commodity; you can simply buy a report if one would like to know about call center metrics and benchmarked indicators within your particular functional industry. However, what really matters in a call center other than statistics and KPIs is the Management Practice. Management before measurement: numbers are only the outcome or the result of a specific set of certain call center practices. So what should managers when faced with a crisis such as Covid-19?


Leading call centers know themselves and realize that they are already adopting the majority of these management practices; this is why they are considered best or benchmarked practices. GCCMI merely provides the structured framework for these call center best practices through a set of standard Call Center Best Practices Standard Set (GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800).  


GCCMI will assess your call center performance by reviewing your compliance to GCCMI call center best practices and their respective performance management characteristics in times of crisis. Your call center will be earning a Certification in Performance Excellence for the Adoption and Implementation of Global Call Center Management Institute Call Center Best Practices Standard Set (GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800).


Call Centers are encouraged to contact GCCMI or apply online for accreditation in performance excellence for the adoption and implementation of GCCMI Call Center Best Practices Standard Set (GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800). Before filling out the Site Certification Application Form (SCAF), you would need to take the free pre-assessment questionnaire: GCCMI Call Center ID° Checkup. It is a 2-minute online instrument that assesses your implementation degree to GCCMI call center set of best practices. Once you obtain at least a score of 65°+ in your Call Center ID° Checkup, GCCMI will support you to obtain and start filling out the call center certification application form (CAF).

Figure 1.2 - GCCMI Offerings

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