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Board of Advisors

The Global Call Center Management Institute Advisory Board is a group of 4-6 independent call center passionate industry experts from around the Globe. The Advisory Board would provide informal governance in a form of sound advice on call center industry and GCCMI growth opportunities, which would then facilitate GCCMI strategic decision making. The Advisory Board is a source of competitive advantage to GCCMI and would establish credibility in the marketplace.. The Advantages of having a multi culture Board of Advisors fits well with the GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard that is designed from a set of best practices to fit all centers around the world

Figure 1.3 - GCCMI BoA

Message from GCCMI Executive Director

You may be a call center in South Asia or Europe and probably face the same management challenges of another center in America, Africa, or Australia. The industry practices have become globally digital and the standards have just joined the bandwagon!

This global convergence is built over the years and held steadfast by virtue of ever-changing customer expectations, reduced transaction cost, multicultural lifestyle and coupled with Covid-19 crisis management and going digital on communication platforms and highways (social media, interactive forums, virtual collaboration, on-demand experience, omni channels, e-learning, etc.)


The customer experience management of this globalization effect has revealed call center virtuosity and performance brilliance. By sharing and applying industry-wide common methods and techniques, leading call centers and passionate call center talent professionals are now able now to produce management solutions using the same common methods and techniques. Practice is, after all, defined as way of doing things regularly.


For leading call centers, whether traditional or digital, WFH or at workplace; best practices have all become common practices which constitute an operational set of standards in a business framework. 

GCCMI needs to offer the industry no less than what is essentially required. As a call center virtuoso, GCCMI has conceived and designed a standard set of call center best practices. The call center accreditation is based on Global Call Center Management Institute Call Center Best Practices Standard Set (GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800). Once adopted and applied, GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 offers call centers a blueprint for performance excellence.

Adham Bahgat, HCCS, FCCP;


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