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GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard

GCCMI Call Center Best Practices Standard Set (GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800) is a set of best practices designed to serve as a blueprint for performance excellence for call centers worldwide, in times of crisis. These call center practices constitute a good-fit for a customer service or sales environment. 


Your Call Center will be certified towards adopting and implementing this standard.

GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard is composed of three strategic business capabilities (talent deployment, talent engagement and talent support). Each capability has a set of multicultural call center best practices


Each of the eleven GCCMI call center best practices represents a set of performance management characteristics. GCCMI measures your degree of representing each performance management characteristic through a compliance assessment scale.


If your overall score is 70%+, GCCMI will then issue your call center site a Declaration of Compliance in a form of a Certificate in Performance Excellence for the Adoption and Implementation of GCCMI Call Center Best Practices Standard Set (GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800).


The charter below depicts each strategic capability with its own standard set of best practices: Talent Deployment Capability Standard Set (TD SS1) / Talent Engagement Capability Standard Set (TE SS2) / Talent Support Capability Standard Set (TS SS3)

Figure 2.1  GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard

CCBP-SS 2.800.png

In total, there are today 11 best practices depicted across all the three performance drivers or Call Center Strategic Business Capabilities, resulting in the GCCMI Call Center Best Practices Standard Set (GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800). Each best practice is composed of performance management characteristics which are mapped to a compliance continuum.

In mathematical expression: (TD SS1)+ (TE SS2)+ (TS SS3)= CCBP-SS 2.800

Summation of PMC = BP Summation of BP = CCBP SS 2.800 (Call Center Best Practices Standard Set 2.800)



Certify your call center site - Earn GCCMI Certification in Performance Excellence for the Adoption and Implementation of Global Call Center Management Institute Call Center Best Practices Standard Set (GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800)


Leading call centers are continuously in a quest for perfection and excellence.

To earn the GCCMI call center certification, your call center performance is not compared against another set of benchmarked data or compared to any other peer center or statistical indicators. But rather, you perform a compliance check against a set of qualitative call center best practices statements.


GCCMI Call Center Best Practices Standard Set (GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800) depicts 11 multicultural call center best practices that fit most call centers globally. Only leading call centers that are adopting and implementing most of GCCMI Call Center Best Practices Standard Set (GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800)  will find no trouble certifying their call center site, or earning the certificate, by achieving  70%+ mark in the practice assessment.

Certifying your Call Center Site - Certification Steps

There are easy online steps:

  1. You, as a call center, fill out and submit the certification application form (CAF) – free 

  2. GCCMI reviews your CAF, assesses your input and produces certificate notification (if 70%+ is achieved)

  3. GCCMI sends you the URL link for online payment. Once payment is received, the assessment report is emailed to you while the certificate is issued and shipped in a frame to your call center.




GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard

  • Represents the business requirements as performance management characteristics, a call center must meet to become certified

  • The business requirements scope is the adoption and implementation of the CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard towards performance excellence.

  • Enables leading centers to adopt a structured approach, even during Covid-19 crisis, of call center performance management characteristics mapped to each best practice

  • Contains clear and simple yet comprehensive set of performance management characteristics

  • Enables leading centers to enhance their own performance during crisis and implement further improvement management practices on their own and achieve more tangible performance improvement in the actual call center workplace

  • Offers a performance management method that defines a neutral and unbiased approach towards performance excellence

  • The call center site will become a Certified Call Center In Performance Excellence through CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard against a compliance matrix

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