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Accreditation Benefits

Eligibility Criteria


Who is the target audience? The assessment based on GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard Set is meant for Customer Experience Executives, Contact Center Directors, and Managers who want to measure their call center implementation degree against GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard Set, and effectively apply the implementation methods for realising performance excellence.

What’s the takeaway value? Why assess your call center implementation against the GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard Set?

By filling the Site Certification Application Form (SCAF), you will discover improvement opportunities and blind spots in your rear view call center mirror. You will also learn many practices that could yield elevated performance simply by rating yourself on each performance management characteristic item. As a reward of functioning and obtaining 70% assessment score (CC-PASS), you will receive a personalized assessment report along with a performance excellence certificate for the adoption and implementation of GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard Set

  • Learn practical tips for increasing your performance standards

  • Excel during crisis management (Covid-19)

  • Gauge your performance against call center practices

  • Rate yourself on 66 items (performance characteristics) across 11 call center best practices

  • Get a personalized assessment report with performance gears for focus areas

  • Obtain your physical site certificate

  • Gain access to performance related tools


Who can be certified? You are eligible to be certified if:

  1. You operate a small or large medium center (5 to 200 seats)

  2. You care for your the well-being of your Agent talent

  3. You have an inbound center with at least an Automatic Call Distributor available

  4. You have confidence in your call center talent or people

  5. You fully understand the value of the call center to your organisation or brand

  6. You have a strong understanding of call center dynamics


Benefits and Features

Benefits of the GCCMI Call Center Certification:

  • Adopt and implement a global set of call center best practices

    • GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 offers blueprint for elevated talent standards or action plan through a set of performance management characteristics.

  • Implement crisis management practices

    • Covid-19 hygiene, work-from-home, pod distancing, etc.​

  • Enhance your call center performance

    • The assessment report outlines improvement areas coupled with through performance gears (access to GCCMI tools)

  • Apply tools in workplace

    • Even before successfully certifying your call center,  you will gain access to GCCMI call center performance gears

  • Affirm your site panache and prestige

    • Create pride in the workplace.

  • Advance your career

    • Certification for the call center you’re managing — it is categorically a career-fulfilling move.

  • Reward your workforce on a job well done!

    • Yes, celebrate. Once your call center earns the certificate, go for a virtual party

  • Value delivery

    • Not only upon completion of the assessment, but pay for certificate after achieving your PASS mark

  • Boost your competitive advantage

    • Here is one more way to stay ahead of your competition

  • Earn global recognition

    • In the call center community and beyond


Features of the GCCMI Call Center Certification:

  • All Online

    • There is no consultant visit, conference calls or coaching.

  • Simple and Scalable

    • Applicable to all call centers worldwide

  • Call Center Segment Fit

    • B2B and B2C across SME call centers

  • Fast-Tracked

    • The call center will receive the certificate in less than 1 month

  • Non-Quantitative

    • The certification is not based on quantitative statistical indicators. You don’t have to dive into that pool of data but rather comply with a qualitative set of management practices.

  • Crisis Fit

    • Suitable for Covid-19 crisis impact on call centers

  • Size Works

    • Whether your center size is 5 or 200 seats, you’re in!

  • Tech Lite

    • Even if your CC is adopting a minimum level of technology [at least an ACD for inbound operation or lead system for outbound operation], you’re in.

  • Budget friendly

    • No more allocation of high budgets. You’d probably pay for GCCMI certification what you regularly pay as equivalent to a 5 day annual training!

  • Valid for 2 years from the date the certificate was issued

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