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GCCMI Compliance Continuum

The notion of complying with laws, regulations, guidelines and requirements is not new. The number and complexity of compliance requirements are constantly increasing. Some are obligatory; others are not.  Irrespective of the obligation factor, compliance has triggered the world's top companies to invest so that the increased and newly imposed requirements can be met. The events that led the 2007/2008 financial crisis can expect an increase in current and future regulations and compliance with various organizational standards. Hence, the need for holistic approaches to compliance management in theory and practice will increase in the future.

The call center industry is at the center of this! Information flow will happen through the Agents and all call traffic will ride the underlying call center infrastructure investments. GCCMI is bringing a holistic approach towards call center compliance.

Compliance has been defined as a “means conforming to a rule, such as a specification, policy, standard or law”. If it is taken as process and definitions, then it would fit nicely if compliance is taken as a practice, a best practice (a process set in reality).

Compliance then defines the actions that call centers must take (or refrain from) or to achieve an end. It is because of these actions that the CCBBP-SS 2.800 Standard encompasses both the adoption and the implementation of the best practices. Adoption means nothing if you don’t implement. They go hand-in-hand towards the end: performance excellence.

GCCMI compliance is not regulatory. The design of the CCBBP-SS 2.800 Standard compliance management system ensures that your call center assessment is done through a compliance scale that is mapped to teach Performance Management Characteristic (PMC).

Your call center becomes certified in Performance Excellence for adoption and implementation of call center best practices. Applying these practices later at the workplace to witness more performance improvement and tangible results is the responsibility of the call center management and/or the local call center consultant/training partner. GCCMI acts only as an assessor. We only assess your implementation degree of compliance to the GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard.

GCCMI measures your call center degree in assuring and representing the performance management characteristic through a compliance assessment scale.  This process of compliance continuum for practice assessment standard set (CC-PASS) will certify your call center site with a GCCMI Certificate of Performance Excellence upon obtaining a score of 70% or more

The CC-PASS is a group of performance management characteristics mapped to eleven corresponding best practices. The CC-PASS is a declaration of compliance conformity scheme to call center best practices through the adoption of the GCCMI-SS 2.800 Standard.

GCCMI CCBP-SS CC-PASS is an independent, multicultural-fit best practice assessment which will calculate the compliance score of your call center against GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard. The Call Center that successfully complies with the requirements of GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard (CC-PASS Compliance of 70%) will be granted a certificate of performance excellence (framed and shipped to any call center worldwide).

GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard encourages the call center to apply these best practices at the call center workplace to create a talent-based environment and to witness tangible performance improvement. The assessment report you receive after you get your certification will differ from one call center to another based on their CC-PASS compliance results and support information. The report expresses practical opportunities to boost your call center performance in terms of performance gears and support templates.

The assessment report is considered a value pack. It is comprised of the CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard, the compliance results for each call center best practice and its respective performance management characteristic as well as related Performance Gears.

Most standards require periodic revision. GCCMI will attempt to produce and publish various releases of Call Center Best Practices Standard Sets on an annual basis.  



















Figure 2.2   GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard

CCBP-SS 2.800.png
GCCMI Compliance Continuum Effectiveness Scale

To offer the GCCMI CCBP 2.800 Standard to the call center industry, each standard set is mapped to a compliance continuum or a scale. The compliance continuum (CC) allows call centers to be rated against each performance management characteristic.  These practices are expressed in a descriptive statement that is mapped to its corresponding or relevant Best Practice across its corresponding business capability as defined in the GCCMI CCBP 2.800 Standard.


The method of assessment assumed in compliance continuum is via an effectiveness scale, which measures how successful the call center is at adopting and implementing the relevant call center best practice. This scale gives a better representation of practice compliance level than a frequency scale, which measures how often the practice is demonstrated because performance management characteristics, which are not used very often, will be assessed as having a low frequency, resulting in a low score. This can be confusing as the practice may not actually be required on a regular or frequent basis or may not be appropriate in certain situations and is therefore justifiably could be very much infrequent. The important factor in assessment is how well the PMP is used or practiced (designed and implemented), not how often.


The GCCMI three-item continuum scale was designed for simplicity:

  • Do not demonstrate compliance to the statement at all within your call center

    • basic awareness of the practice but no demonstration

  • Partial Effective Demonstration of compliance to the statement but not consistently     

    • Some aspects or parts of the GCCMI CCBP 2.800 Standard Set are met. The understanding of the statement is correct, but the manner of adoption is not effective though

  • Full Effective demonstration of compliance with the statement effectively and consistently

    • Consistent, highly effective, adopt this practice in most complex situation and environment. The call center acts entirely in accordance to  GCCMI CCBP-SS 2.800 Standard Set


As our approach to best practice standards is holistic, and crisis-fit (Covid-19), so are the scoring results of CC-PASS. If a call center scores less than 70% in compliance to a certain Standard Set but the overall scores across all Strategic Business Capabilities is 70% or more, the call center would still be entitled to the certification.


The certified scope of call center best practice standard sets (GCCMI CCBP-SS) is about: Design of compliance towards call center practice assurance and Provision of call center compliance assessment services against performance management characteristics. 

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